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Datafile - Neptune
Last Updated: 2008-10-20

Founded in 4493PE, Neptune is the youngest colony in the Sol System. It is unique in that it is a purely military installation, used for both planetary and space military purposes.

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2.  Simulation Dome
3.  Orbital Shipyards


Apart from Luna and Venus, Neptune is the only domed colony to have been established without the use of a coloniser ship. The main dome is 15 kilometres in diameter and houses all the barracks for the facility. The maintenance dome is 5 kilometres in diameter and is used for the repair of ground vehicles and parts brought down from the orbital facility for the ships in orbit. Opposite the maintenance facility is a gigantic 32 kilometre diameter dome designed for training simulations. Another large dome is placed off to the side of the simulation and maintenance domes for storage of items used for the adjustment of the simulation dome, allowing it to vary from a dense high gravity jungle to a low gravity city, or small domed outpost.

Simulation Dome

The simulation dome is the only one of its type in existence. Eclipsed in size by very few domes throughout the galaxy its gravity system is designed to be adjustable from Neptune's natural gravity up to a full 3Gs. Alongside this it is the only dome system capable of reproducing a wide range of weather phenomenon from snowy blizzards to dried out deserts. Although the Sol Alliance maintains military facilities on other worlds, this is seen as the best multi-purpose environment training facility in the Galaxy, and the Alliance's prime training ground.

Orbital Shipyards

The Neptune orbital shipyards are designed purely for the maintenance of the Sol Alliance's naval vessels by the Sol Shipyards. No manufacturing is performed at the facility, parts and ships all come from the facilities at Venus and are then shipped to Neptune for use in refits and repairs. It is also employed for the decommissioning of older naval vessels which are stored in vast parking areas around the planet before they are stripped for re-use or re-manufacture.
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