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Last Updated: 2008-11-04

The Spatial Environment Awareness System is an audio based cockpit simulation designed to increase the pilot's situational awareness.

1.  Theory
2.  Development
3.  Competition


The inability of sound to travel in space removes one of the vital senses humans were designed to use for survival. The SEAS brings this sense back into play with a speaker system placed round the cockpit to give an audible idea of where other ships are in relation to the ship. Using atmospheric recordings of atmosphere capable craft and simulations of non-atmospheric craft, the system aims to provide an accurate representation of different craft, allowing a skilled pilot to pick out different craft by their engine sounds.


Following early skirmishes in the Vommel War, developers at the Sol Shipyards watched recordings of pilots in hastily prepared combat simulations. These simulations highlighted the trouble that pilots had trying to locate and identify their opponents in a dog fight relying on their view screen and the scanner readouts. A system was put together to create a three dimensional sound field around the cockpit in order to relay the locations of ships on the scanner as sound sources. A replay of the combat simulations showed an immediate improvement in the combat abilities of the pilots resulting in the system being fitted to all new fighters to come from the Venusian production lines and retro-fitted to as many as possible before being rolled out to larger ships.


Sol Shipyard's SEAS has seen numerous emulators, though none have managed to surpass the quantity and quality of the SEAS recordings this quality does come at a price. Differences in recordings mean that many pilots try to stick to one specific brand's systems once they get used to it.

The most popular competitors to SEAS at present are the Combat Audio System produced by Monochrome Warfare Technologies and the low priced Ghost Audio Navigation System manufactured by Galactic Navigation Aids.
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