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The Sol Shipyards based on Venus is the galaxy's oldest shipyard. Now comprising of five orbital shipyards throughout the Sol Alliance, the original yard at Venus was responsible for the coloniser ships that spread man throughout the galaxy.

1.  Founding
2.  Shipyards
3.  Neptune Facility
4.  Monopoly


Following the destruction of Earth, the remaining colonies required ships to ferry goods between them. One atmospheric shuttle docked at EarthStation2 at the time of the incident was all that was available to begin with, and using it as a blueprint scientists on Venus were able to construct replicas. These replicas were employed to move materials into orbit where an orbital shipyard was created as it was deemed that construction in zero-G would be easier than on a planet.

During the first Exodus the shipyard became known as Sol Shipyards, and toward the end was separated from the central Venusian government to become its own company.


The company's main offices are based in Central Dome on Venus and it maintains multiple manufacturing facilities in orbit. Further orbital yards are kept in the orbit of Neptune in the Sol system, Garash III in the Garash system, Dracool in the Sigma Draconis system, and Adaze IV in the Adaze system.

Neptune Facility

The Neptune facility is unique in that it is the only shipyard of the five that does not manufacture ships. It is purely for the refit and mothballing of Sol Alliance military ships. Ships can rest in the giant graveyards around Neptune for millennia before being broken for parts or used as scrap. The facility was designed during the Vommel War to keep maintenance of the warships separate from the production facilities at Venus. After the war it's use turned to mothballing ships and keeping them in a battle ready condition. With the enduring peace the funding of the facility has been repeatedly dropped to the point that very few of the ships are kept in a condition suitable for entry into battle.


The Sol Shipyards has a defacto monopoly on large freight ships through the galaxy. The company has kept bulk freight haulage as its main aim alongside the military vessels required by the Sol Alliance. The FreightMaster series of ships have been made in approximately the same format for the last 7000 years and is a brand name known through most of the civilised galaxy. Many attempts at breaking this hold on the market have been made over the years from various members of the Union Shipyards Network, including some attempts to get compensation from Sol Shipyards for preventing other manufacturers breaking into the section of the market. The claims were dismissed and Kimo Hann argued that simply no other manufacturer was making a better product. Mike Guitas, spokesman for the USN claimed that with the patents surrounding the ubiquitous space containers the Sol Shipyards manufacture the company was making it impossible for other companies to compete.
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