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Founded in 2173AD (-159PE), plans were for the Venusian colony to be terraformed into a copy of Earth. Technical difficulties in the terraforming process led to the abandonment of the idea as it became clear that Venus would be incapable of supporting a dense enough atmosphere for life outside the domes to be possible.

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The small original dome was soon expanded with the creation of agricultural domes and manufacturing domes. Materials mining on the planet is a combination of Zero Atmosphere Mining and traditional mining taking place inside makeshift domes erected purely for the duration of the mining project. The landscape is dotted with a seemingly random pattern of accommodation, agricultural and industrial domes. it was decided that they should be kept separate in an attempt to improve the quality of life on the colony.

Travel between domes takes place using large overground land trains. There are few underground high-speed rail services due to the instability created in the planet's crust by millennia of mining. These are mostly based around Main Dome where the mining has been over for the longest. While neither the largest or oldest on the planet, Main Dome was built to re-home the corporations that consisted of the majority of the big business for the planet. Construction took place a short distance from the original dome to speed the transition between the two, after which the original dome was demolished and a larger accommodation and forest dome was constructed in its place.


In the early days of the Sol Alliance, Venus was its industrial centre, with Sol Shipyards being its chief earner. The Shipyards now account for almost three quarters of the GDP of the planet with many of the other industrial businesses producing related items for consumption for the shipyards themselves, many of whom have been directly incorporated into the Sol Shipyards' portfolio over the millennia. While the Shipyards' commercial manufacture over Venus has been scaled back over recent millennia it is still responsible for all of the Alliance military manufacture and the planetside facilities are responsible for the majority of the company's research and development, which creates a lot of employment despite dwindling resources on the planet.
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