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The Vommel Empire was founded on Vommellia in the Vommel system by Charles Illustus Vommel III in 3452. It is the oldest inter-system government in existence.

1.  Formation
2.  Expansion
3.  Current Status


Charles Illustus Vommel I was a man of little note or power on EarthStation2, he was however a man of great wealth. When the option came for persons and corporations to fund their own colonisation expeditions Vommel was at the head of the queue and funded five colonisers to travel to what was then one of the remotest parts of the galaxy. He wound up what was the Vommel corporation, which for years had been run by advisers while the Vommel family had remained mostly distant from it. The money from selling properties and materials was invested in the Vommel Space Program as it became termed.

The Vommel Space Program reached its destination in 3282PE and five interlinked colonies were founded. The Vommel system, as it became known, was home to Vommellia (a likely candidate for terraforming) and V2, a large mineral rich moon orbiting a gas giant. Charlan was another mineral rich world, unsuitable for terraforming, in the neighbouring Charl system, this was designated to be a shipyard. Illus Prime in the Illus sector was another terraformed world, as was Neback III in the Neback system. The systems and their worlds were named after Vommel with the exception of Neback named after his pet dog.

The group of worlds were all ruled by Vommel's family from Vommellia, creating what was the first inter-system government. Following Charles Illustus Vommel III's disagreement over the expansion of the Sol Alliance in 3452PE the government was refounded as the Vommel Empire.


At first the expansion of the Empire was fairly rapid. The original five colonies had a successful synergy and many of the local systems hoped to cash in on potentially increased trade markets within the Empire. Though initially all the joining worlds chose to regain their own government, within a decade of joining many relinquished overall control to the Empire.

Within 25 years the Vommel Empire had expanded to encompass more than 40 worlds. By this time it had manufactured a number of warships, though these early warships were simple shuttles and transport ships with conventional weapons attached. In order not to provoke Vommel the Sol Alliance did not arm any of its ships. This proved to be a mistake when Vommel overstepped the bounds of his government by blockading and invading Ovarn IV under the guise of resolving a trade dispute with one of his member worlds.

The invasion of Ovarn IV was the first of many which resulted in the Vommel War, during which the Vommel Empire expanded rapidly to a count of 183 worlds, which is still believed to be its current total. This makes it the largest single government in the galaxy. At the end of the 43 year war Charles Illustus Vommel V was deposed in a coup by his son, Charles Illustus Vommel VI, after which a ceasefire was negotiated. The terms were that any subject world could choose to leave the Vommel Empire without reprisal, but with the condition that the allied governments had to respect the wishes of each of the worlds. No worlds chose to leave.

Current Status

Following the war economic and military sanctions were placed on the Vommel Empire which were conformed to by the government. It also chose to cut all contact with the rest of the galaxy and even after the 250 year sanctions were rescinded neither the government or any member worlds have made any contact. As such nothing is known about the Vommel Empire after the war. The Empire has declared that any ships crossing its border would be committing an act of war.

There are unsubstantiated claims and rumours from independent traders who have crossed the border of the use of slave labour and poor conditions on the border worlds of the Empire. No official evidence has been gathered to back up this claim.
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